Tactical Coatings UK Ltd are newly formed company that specialises in protective and camouflage coatings for a number of industries. The key industry areas are:

Military and Law Enforcement – As a Section 5 authorised firearms dealer we can hold a substantial number of prohibited firearms (Assault Rifles, Pistols and Machine Guns). We are able to apply specialist coatings such as IRR and Dry Film lubricant coatings. The coatings enhance the life of the firearm as they are hard wearing, self-lubricating and chemical resistant. In addition we can apply specialist coatings to a wide range of military equipment for the purposes of signature management.

Shooting Sports – We have a number of custom rifle builders and individual customers who use our coating services to enhance the performance of their firearms.

High Temperature – We are able to apply heat management and high temperature coatings to a number of products such as exhaust systems of high performance vehicles. In addition we can apply piston head coatings, turbo casing refurbishment and coating and high temperature clear coats.

Additional Info:
– Registered Firearms Dealer up to Section 5 (Secure storage for 300+ items)
– Certified Cerakote™ Applicator
– Gun Trade Association Member
– Working towards ISO 9001 QMS Certification
– DV, PRINCE 2 Qualified personnel.
– Full Armourer Services

New Business Opportunities:

– Section 5 Firearm Supply, Export and Bulk Refurbishment.
– MOD Contract Supply of Specialist Coatings
– Development of Multi-Spectral Coatings (R&D)

For further information about Tactical Coatings UK please contact Chris Brown on 01981 458007 or email chris@tacticalcoatings.co.uk