Serbus Limited

serbusFormed in 2010, Serbus is an Information Security and Risk Management (IS&RM) company specialising in secure communications, data and personnel security.

Our expertise in commercial and defence communication solutions, combined with operational experience, enables our clients to operate safely and securely in remote and hostile environments worldwide.

Our team are selected predominantly from UK Special Forces (land and maritime) and include:

  •     Specialist communications consultants
  •     Security consultants and instructors
  •     Information security consultants

Appropriate staff hold security clearances (SC / DV)


Serbus provide an end-to-end capability when working remotely from your office or enterprise environment.  We cover the pre deployment considerations, from risk assessments and awareness training, through to the operational support requirements when deployed that include: secure communications, secure data storage, rugged tablets and laptops, operational control rooms and security provision on the ground.

Serbus are the UK supplier of Cryptify Call, an easy-to-use smartphone and tablet application providing secure voice calls and secure messaging, world wide, using GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks. Unlike similar applications, Cryptify Call has been UK Government tested and is accredited with CESG’s Commercial Product Assurance (CPA), which in plain English means military grade encryption for classified  information.

For further information please contact: +44(0)1432 870 879 or email:

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