The only certain and predictable facts in life are change, and that we will have to change direction.

Life is a journey. A career is a journey. 

The three essentials of a successful journey are:

  1. Know where you are
  2. Know where you want to be
  3. Identify the most effective route

But life is not a constant. Everything around us changes, and we have to adapt.

There will be forks in the road, and we have to learn how to choose the right direction.


  • Blockbuster Video did not want to adapt to online downloads.
  • Jessops chose not to embrace digital photography.
  • Woolworths rejected online sales.
  • Virgin records rejected online music.

They did not want change, but change happened around them and left them behind.


  • Apple and Google saw ‘cloud’ technology emerging and changed direction to become even more successful.
  • iTunes saw subscription models as necessary evolution and created Apple Music.

Pathfinders need calm, intuition and creativity.

NEURO8 3X8 training programmes are where East meets West.

  • Transcending time and culture
  • Combining neuroscience and new science theta brain wave measurement with old science psychology and meditation techniques
  • Building robust solutions to enable leaders to embrace and implement sustainable change

3X8 empowers those on the front line to –

  • Innovate
  • Replicate
  • Innate

‘Innovation’ is finding new solutions. When we ‘replicate’ new and innovative thinking we adapt to the evolution around us. Our new behaviours become automatic and embedded; ‘innate’.

You no longer think about how to drive your car – 3X8 will help you drive your life.

NEURO8 has empowered –

  • Defence technology innovators
  • Motor racing champions
  • Aerospace manufacturers
  • Top one hundred law firm partners

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