Minimal Risk Consultancy Limited

minimal-riskMinimal Risk Consultancy (MRC) has been providing security risk consultancy and specialist recruitment support services since 2002.  Since formation the Company has operated extensively across the UK and overseas supporting Government and Commercial operations in high risk regions.  In the UK the Company is retained to advise on and practically support a number of sensitive projects with a significant dynamic threat. These include product and food contamination recall crisis support, risk assessment for national retail portfolios, protection of high value assets and sites subjected to an elevated risk of terrorism.  Our scope of services includes:

  • Asset and site protection – Project Management.
  • Audits, surveys, risk and threat assessments.
  • Strategic security organisational reviews.
  • Provision of fully vetted ‘former military’ skilled advisors and CPOs.
  • Pre entry geo-political and travel advice.
  • All aspects of project delivery and ongoing HR support.
  • Vehicle, asset and personal tracking.
  • Rapidly deployable portable alarms.