BHR4 services logooth directors with over 24 years of military service have personally experienced the consequences of poor equipment procurement programs, badly designed training programs and none existent technical publications, often preventing the equipment from being used to its full potential or resulting in it being damaged or “shelved” for being of no benefit.

To help prevent others from suffering this:

HR4 Delivers specialist Subject Matter Experts who provide Specialist Capabilities, Additional Capacity, with relevant experience and Qualifications.

HR4 Delivers direct assistance to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Equipment Suppliers, Equipment Project Teams and End User Communities.


Safety Management

  • Development of Safety Case
    Management Reports (SCMR)
  • Provision of Environmental Impact and Human Factors Integration assessments and audits

Training Services

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training course design
  • Training delivery

Technical Publications

  • Operator and Maintainer Manuals in commercial or defence formats
  • Illustrated Spare Parts Catalogues
  • Quick Reference Guides


Tel: +44 (0)1432 353 555