G6 Global Communications

g6-global-logoG6 are industry leaders in the provision of radio and satellite voice and data communication solutions. We specialise in covert and low profile communications equipment and deployment in both mobile and static locations.  We work with organisations whose communications needs are absolutely critical to the success of their operations.

Working closely with our clients at both a strategic and tactical level, we ensure that the communication solution deployed is state of the art and capable of delivering their specific requirements without compromise.

Our primary focus since 2007, has been on digital radio technology and how it can be used by our clients to leverage their market positions both operationally and commercially.  The capabilities of digital radio technology expand on a regular basis, and many radio users are totally unaware of what is now possible.

riot policeGlobal radio networks can now be created, literally overnight, enabling Command & Control centres in one location to have direct radio communications with their assets in the field, anywhere in the world.  Adding in GPS capability also allows those assets to be tracked and monitored using RF technology rather than the more expensive satellite alternative.

From concept to realisation, our expertise ensures that their communications needs are professionally assessed and delivered.

Our up-to-date industry knowledge also means that they are always kept aware of new developments as soon as they emerge.  From planning and specification through procurement and shipping, installation, user training and on-going maintenance, we work alongside our clients to deliver the communications networks they expect and deserve.

For more information contact Andrew J Clark, Managing Director, 07768 501775 andrew@g6-global.com

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