ALDSU-LOGOALDSU Consultancy are a key training component for senior decision-makers, specialising in the design and delivery of practical training in Knowledge Development and Strategic Planning.

In the increasingly complex and dynamic global environment, maintaining strategic relevance and operational focus is always challenging. ALDSU Consultancy provides senior leadership with the unique opportunity to plan with confidence. We focus on the development of two functional areas key to success; Knowledge Development and Strategic Planning.

Discreet and in confidence, ALDSU Consultancy will highlight the ways and means to enhance organisational understanding of the operating environment and its associated threats. Through recommendations on knowledge acquisition and threat analysis, we will identify development opportunities, ensuring the organisation is well placed to deliver key insights to senior leadership. To clarify that current planning is linked to organisational strategic objectives, ALDSU Consultancy will design practical exercises. These will not only validate planning alignment, but also validate current planning concepts and techniques.

So, whether a military organisation, or a small medium sized enterprise ALDSU Consultancy can support your strategy and help you plan with confidence.